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Archive for February 2011

Before you buy

Tips on what to look out for before purchase

The location of the jungle gym must be determined before installation.  (Past experience has shown, that some clients want to change the location after the gym has been installed).  As the equipment and structures are extremely heavy, this poses a problem and can result in prolonged delivery time, overtime and additional costs to the client, as certain components will have to be removed and additional nuts, bolts etc., will be used for the new location, installation.

Try to pick a spot in the garden that has as level a surface as possible.  (Preferably not more than a 15° fall.  If not this will need to be confirmed with us, before installation.

Keep in mind that the components especially the platform is built and constructed beforehand.  There should always be enough space available to the location, where the jungle gym is to be erected. 

If gardens are divided at the front and back with a fence and door, the jungle gym will not be able to go through.  If a gate is available, is it wide enough and what is the height of the fence?

Very important:  

Space available for the jungle gym, especially applicable to town house and flat gardens.

Confirm whether electricity is available or not.