Prior to doing the installation and delivery, it is the client’s responsibility to notify us as to any unforseen happenings we may encounter.  This includes security villages, where I.D documents of our workers and so forth may be required, before being granted permission to enter the premises.

Also gate fees which may be applicable at some places.

We would also require information regarding road conditions to be travelled on, to destination point, for example turning off a tar road and onto a gravel road.  Would a bakkie and trailer be able to drive on the road, are there many potholes etc?  We have experienced quite a few roads which were in a very bad condition. On one occassion we burst two tyres on our bakkie and had bad damage on our trailer.

Please also supply us with information regarding terrain. 

  •  Is ground level?
  •  Will a bakkie and trailer be able to go to the point of installation? 
  •  Is enough space available for the jungle gym in the garden?  See sizes on jungle gyms on page of  jungle gyms.

Last, but also very important, we need to be given the correct address before placing the order.  If for example the client says Rustenburg we would assume Rustenburg city.  Too often once the order has been placed and we need to do the delivery, the delivery address would be about between 30 to 90 kilometres further.  This would in future result in extra charges to the client.